Product Introduction

By ensuring the safety and integrity of the instrument and equipment and machinery, huda's detection system can efficiently detect the durability and stability of the instrument and simulate various temperature and humidity environments. The scope of application includes electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, rubber, and plastics. , Hardware and metal, new energy batteries, etc., to provide you with a basis for predicting and improving product quality and reliability

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Featured flagship equipment:

Reliable Test Chamber

The constant temperature and humidity box can simulate various temperature and humidity environments, providing reliability and stability parameters in harsh environments.

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Universal Test Machine

This product tests the tensile, bending, bonding, shearing, peeling, tearing and other mechanical properties of various materials.

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Vision Measuring Machine

It is suitable for testing, design and development of aircraft parts, mobile phone parts, new energy batteries, LCD panels, molds and precision hardware.

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Rubber And Plastic Tester

It is mainly used to determine the impact toughness of non-metallic materials, fiber-reinforced thermosets and thermoplastic composites.

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Since 2004, HUDA has been focusing on innovation in environmental test machine, battery test machine, rubber and plastic testing machines, UTM, etc., with rich experiences and a proactive attitude.