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Will Climate Tester's Environment Box Be Affected By The Surrounding Environment?

Will Climate Tester's Environment Box Be Affected By The Surrounding Environment?

Update Time:2017/12/5

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber can play its role better in the suitable laboratory environment.Climate Instrument co.,ltd used to summarize three kinds of environmental standard:


First, the environmental conditions are placed.

Temperature: 15 C ~35 C;

Relative humidity: no more than 85%;

Atmospheric pressure: 80kPa~106kPa;

There is no strong vibration around it.

Direct radiation without direct sunlight or other heat sources;

There is no strong air flow around it: when the surrounding air needs to be forced to flow, the air flow should not be directly blown to the box.

There is no strong electromagnetic field around it.

There is no high concentration of dust and corrosive substance around it.


The second is power supply / water supply conditions:

Power supply conditions:

Voltage: 220V + 22V or 380V + 38V;

Frequency: 50Hz + 0.5Hz.

Water supply conditions:

Tap water or circulating water can be used to meet the following conditions:

Water temperature: not more than 30 degrees C;

Water pressure: 0.1MPa~0.3MPa;

Water quality: in line with industrial water standards.


The last is the load condition:

The load of the test box shall meet the following conditions at the same time:

The total mass of the load is not more than 80kg in the air volume per cubic meter.

The total volume of the load is not more than 1/5 of the volume of the studio

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