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Several skills for selecting ozone aging test chamber

Several skills for selecting ozone aging test chamber

Update Time:2018/3/13

Several skills for selecting ozone aging test chamber

In order to solve the rubber products cracking, we developed ozone aging test chamber. It can simulate and strengthen the ozone conditions in the atmosphere, study the law of ozone on the rubber, rapid identification and evaluation of rubber anti-ozone aging performance and anti-ozone agent protective effect of the method, and then take effective anti-aging measures to improve the rubber products Service life.

1. From environmental temperature. Some products need to be tested at subzero temperatures, and some are tested at room temperature (23 degrees Celsius) Some are tested in high temperature, you need to know what is the test temperature of your product。If there is no air conditioning system in your room to place the ozone test chamber,It suggests to choice refrigeration system when you purchase an ozone test chamber.To avoid testing in the summer with high room temperature and cause the test is not accurate.

2. From factory qualification. Choose a strength and experienced manufacturer, Experienced manufacturers are not only instrumentation, as well as follow-up technical support, which is crucial.

3. From chamber capacity. As long as it can accommodate your tested product, so the smaller the better.We don’t need too larger chamber than your test specimen, It only will increase the unnecessary cost and increasing difficulty of Ozone concentration control accuracy.

4. From sample clamps. Some need to do Static tensile testing, the sample stretched to a certain rate, placed in the ozone aging test chamber to see if there is cracking and so on.Some need to do dynamic tensile testing, The sample was clamped on the dynamic fixture of the ozone aging test chamber to see the situation under the dual effect of mechanical stretching and ozone accelerated aging.Another required It only places the sample in the ozone box.

5. From Ozone concentration. Generally, Rubber Ozone concentration have Low Concentration (50~1000pphm) or high concentration (50~300ppm).Rubber parts for wire and cable or military products require a higher test concentration.when you purchase the ozone aging test machine, we must choose a good adjustable range of the test chamber, select the appropriate ozone concentration range can also improve the test accuracy.

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