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What Is The Xenon Lamp Aging Test And Which Products Need To Be Tested?

What Is The Xenon Lamp Aging Test And Which Products Need To Be Tested?

Update Time:2021/8/10

Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber

What Is The Xenon Lamp Aging Test?

Xenon lamp is a high-brightness light source produced by high-pressure discharge of xenon gas. It is also the light source closest to the solar spectrum, so it is widely used in the light radiation aging test of outdoor products.

Which Products Need Xenon Lamp Aging Test?

All outdoor products or semi-outdoor products need xenon lamp aging test.

Outdoor products include street lights, display screens, communication base stations, glass tiles, paint, outdoor plastic products or rubber products, and so on. According to the industry, there are automobile, communication, construction, aerospace, naval vessel, electronic industry and so on.

Semi-outdoor products include mobile phones, headsets, automotive interior parts, clothing, shoes and hats, leather bags, items in doors and windows, etc.


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