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What To Do When The Constant Temperature And Humidity Chamber Can Not Cooling During Operation?

What To Do When The Constant Temperature And Humidity Chamber Can Not Cooling During Operation?

Update Time:2021/8/24

1. The temperature cannot be maintained. Observe whether the refrigeration compressor can be started. If it can be started, it means that the electrical wiring from the main power supply to the compressor is normal, and there is no problem with the electrical system.

2. Check whether the compressor is abnormal. If there is an abnormal sound (excessive sound) and suddenly stop the action, it may be that the compressor is stuck.

3. Touching the exhaust and suction pipes of the compressor of the main unit by hand, it is found that the temperature of the exhaust pipe is not high, and the temperature of the suction pipe is not low, which also shows the lack of refrigerant in the main unit.

4. Check the refrigeration system. First, check that the discharge and pressure of the low-temperature compressors of the two refrigeration groups are lower than the normal values, and the suction pressure is in an evacuated state, indicating that the refrigerant quantity of the main refrigeration unit is insufficient.

5. When the machine is operating normally, but the temperature does not drop, the refrigeration system should be checked for leaks, and the leak detector and soapy water should be used to check. It is found that the valve stem of a hot gas bypass solenoid valve is cracked and replaced. Solenoid valve, refill with fluorine, re-adjust and it will be OK.

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