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What's the purposes of electromagnetic vibration test for electronic products?

What's the purposes of electromagnetic vibration test for electronic products?

Update Time:2022/4/19
In the process of transportation, use and storage of electronic products, collision and vibration will occur, which will cause adverse consequences, seriously affecting the use of the product and causing unnecessary economic losses. In order to avoid this situation, we must know the vibration resistance life of the product in advance. This is also the main purpose of electromagnetic vibration test of electronic products.
Electromagnetic vibration table is widely used in defense, aviation, aerospace, communications...

1. The purpose of the vibration test is to simulate a series of vibration phenomena, to test whether the product can withstand the test of the vibration environment during transportation or use during the life cycle, and to determine the required standards for product design and function;

2. The vibration test is to confirm the reliability of the product and to screen out the defective products before leaving the factory, evaluate and improve the reliability of the product;

Electromagnetic shakers include sinusoidal vibration and random vibration. The frequency of sinusoidal vibration remains unchanged, generally simulating the vibration caused by a rotating machine with a fixed speed, or the vibration at the natural frequency of the structure; random vibration is based on the overall performance of the product, the structural seismic strength evaluation, and the transportation environment simulation in the packaging state.
Therefore, when choosing a vibrating table, it is necessary to evaluate and select the appropriate equipment according to the indicators of its own products, so as to achieve the purpose of the experiment.

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