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The Principle And Application Of Salt Spray Test Chamber

The Principle And Application Of Salt Spray Test Chamber

Issue Time:2008/06/23

Salt spray chamber uses salt mist corrosion to detect the corrosion resistance of the tested samples, respectively.

The fog is made of a salt droplet dispersion system in the atmosphere, is a kind of artificial environment three in the series, a lot of enterprise products need destructive simulation of ocean surrounding climate to create a product, so it’s the reason why salt spray chamber needed.

The whole mould is made of high temperature welding, corrosion resistant, easy to clean and no leakage.

The tower spray system is equipped with a salt liquid filtration system with no crystal nozzles. The salt mist is well distributed and the settlement is adjusted freely.

The lid of the box is made of transparent material, and the test items and spray conditions are clearly visible.

The water sealed structure is adopted between the box cover and the box body, and the salt free fog overflows.

The control circuit board and other components are fixed on the easy to check and maintenance of the position, the door open side door, not only beautiful appearance, and convenient maintenance.

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