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The Feature Of Walk In Chamber

The Feature Of Walk In Chamber

Issue Time:2008/07/16

1, Constant temperature and humidity room, with a wide range of temperature and humidity control, to meet the needs of users. With a unique balance, temperature regulation and humidity control mode, you can obtain a safe and accurate temperature and humidity environment . The utility model has the advantages of stable and balanced heating and humiditying performance, and can control the temperature and humidity with high precision and high stability.

2, With high accuracy intelligent temperature controller, temperature and humidity using LED digital display mode (or new Japanese OYO LCD control liquid crystal display 5461 or the whole 7751 programmable instrument replacement according to the needs of users). Optional temperature and humidity recorder.

3, According to functional requirements, optional computer with remote control.

4. The refrigeration circuit is automatically selected, and the automatic control device has the function of automatically selecting the running refrigeration circuit with the setting value of the temperature to realize the direct cooling of the refrigerator directly under the high temperature condition.

5. The inner door is equipped with grand view window, so that the test condition of the sample can be observed conveniently.

6, constant temperature and humidity room equipped with advanced safety and protection devices - leakage circuit breaker, overtemperature protector, phase protector, water break protector.

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