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After graduation, we will wait for you in Huda

After graduation, we will wait for you in Huda

Issue Time:2021/06/05

                                                                           After graduation, we will wait for you in huda

HUDA Technology Co.,Ltd and Haida International Equipment Co.,Ltd are affliated to QTS Group, which is a professional environmental reliability testing enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. Since its establishment, it has gathered a group of experienced and skilled R&D personnel and an efficient and professional after-sales service team.

With the spirit of innovation, focus, professionalism, and integrity, through the spirit of continuous improvement, we have created large-scale customized and complex experiments with design and manufacturing.


Depend on the mature experience and R&D capabilities, along with the technology and quality of standard test chamber,we dominate the market at home and abroad, covering the industries like the military, nuclear, aerospace, electronics, automotive, communication equipment, biomedical research and other scientific and technological fields.

The annual graduation season is coming again,Thousands of graduates are faced with pressure to find jobs when they leave their university.Huda tester welcome graduate who want to find their own future.Our company is a manufacturer of environmental chamber,mainly products are following:Reliable Test Chamber,Thermal Shock Test Chamber, Spray Test Chamber, Walk In Chamber.

Contact :Chen zhijun

Phone:86-13450054137 / 86-769-89201493




Since 2004, HUDA has been focusing on innovation in environmental test machine, battery test machine, rubber and plastic testing machines, UTM, etc., with rich experiences and a proactive attitude.