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Technological Innovation of Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber

Technological Innovation of Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber

Issue Time:2010/06/22

Cooling advantages:

1.Traditional equipment Low temperature control mode: Refrigeration compressor start and stop control temperature (temperature fluctuation, seriously affecting the life of the compressor, the technology has been eliminated) Refrigeration compressor constant operation + heating PID control (resulting in cooling capacity and heating phase to achieve the dynamic balance of temperature , Wasting a lot of electricity)

2.New PWM cold control technology to achieve low-temperature energy-saving operation: low temperature working conditions, the heater does not participate in the work, through the PWM technology to control the refrigeration unit refrigerant flow and flow, the cooling pipe, cold bypass pipe, hot bypass pipe three-way flow adjustment , To achieve the automatic constant temperature of the studio. This mode can achieve a 40% reduction in energy consumption at low temperatures.

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