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How Much Do You Know About UV Light?

How Much Do You Know About UV Light?

Issue Time:2011/12/04

How Much Do You Know About UV Light?


UV lamp for the gas discharge lamp, gas discharge lamp is divided into arc discharge and glow discharge, UV curing UV light commonly used for the arc discharge lamp, its working principle is: in the vacuum of quartz tube by adding quantitative high-purity mercury (mercury) , By providing voltage difference (pressure drop) across the electrodes, resulting in ion discharge, resulting in ultraviolet radiation. UV lamp power to meet the requirements (usually 8 0-120W / cm); UV lamp maximum life can not exceed 1 200h, generally recommended to use 1 000h; UV lamp for 500h for a period of time, two UV light Can be used alternately, one for the use of 500h, the other for the use of 500-1000h between the lamp; lamp can be used after cleaning and counterclockwise rotation after 1/4 .


Use classification

1, low-pressure UV lamp that is used for sterilization lamps sterilization, the other UV-B is also mainly used for UV testing, medical treatment.

2, strong ultraviolet high-pressure mercury lamp made of high-quality pure quartz tube, so that a high degree of UV and a lot of penetration, the arc length / luminous length from 5 cm to 300 cm range, the common power of 30W per cm to 200W, ultra-high power UV lamp is generally 200W or more per centimeter operation, the lamp spectrum effective range between 350-450nm, the power from 100w-25kw.UV curing is photochemical reaction, that is, the liquid UV irradiation curable material by printing or Coating to the substrate or the surface of the workpiece, the UV light irradiation to achieve the process of hardening, UV curing and the traditional drying process is similar, but the principle is different from the traditional drying of the coating material in general by the evaporation of the formation of hardening, and UV Curing cross-linking is solvent-free

3, metal halide lamp in mercury and argon containing mercury on the basis of UV lamp, iron blending, potassium blending or other rare earth metal blending. The iron blended halogen lamp is particularly enhanced by 380 hm as the highest crest. Mainly applicable to the ink, paint curing, dry film, wet film, green solder exposure exposure. In the screen printing and curing with color, especially the thicker coating products and white, black dry with outstanding results


Application scope

1, spray side

2, printing aspects

3, footwear industry

4, wood industry

5, PCB, LCD industry

6, crafts glazing

7, uv automatic coating line

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