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The Feature Of 304 Stainless Steel

The Feature Of 304 Stainless Steel

Issue Time:2013/05/17

304 stainless steel is the most widely used chromium-nickel stainless steel, as a wide range of steel, with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties; stamping, bending and other hot workability , No heat treatment hardening phenomenon (using temperature -196 ℃ ~ 800 ℃). In the atmosphere of corrosion resistance, if it is an industrial atmosphere or heavily polluted areas, you need to clean in time to avoid corrosion. Suitable for food processing, storage and transportation. Has good processing performance and solderability. Plate heat exchanger, bellows, household goods (1,2 class tableware, cabinets, indoor pipelines, water heaters, boilers, bathtubs), auto parts (windshield wipers, muffler, molded products), medical equipment, building materials, chemical, food industry , Agriculture, ship parts and so on. 304 stainless steel for the state recognized food grade stainless steel.


1, excellent mechanical properties

Made of 304 materials made of stainless steel tensile strength greater than 530 N / mm, galvanized pipe is 2 times, 3-4 times the brass, PPR tube 8-10 times, and has good ductility and toughness The

2, superior wear resistance

Stainless steel water pipes can withstand up to 30 m / s high-speed water erosion, with high-head power station in the diversion of stainless steel pipe, the end of the nozzle water speed of 60 m / s or more, there are still more than 100 years of service life. The same time as the above-

3, excellent corrosion resistance

The surface of the thin and dense chromium oxide film makes the stainless steel pipe, including soft water, including all the water quality has good corrosion resistance, even if the use of buried also has excellent corrosion resistance. The same time as the above-

4, good temperature performance

Stainless steel pipe can be -270 ℃ -400 ℃ temperature long-term safe work, whether it is high temperature or low temperature, will not precipitate harmful substances, material performance is quite stable. 5, the inner wall of the water resistance is small.


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