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Temperature Control Principle Of Walk - In Chamber

Temperature Control Principle Of Walk - In Chamber

Issue Time:2014/03/03

Walk-in chamber, suitable for the whole machine or large parts of the low temperature, high temperature, high and low temperature changes, constant heat, high and low temperature alternating hot and humid test.


Walk-in chamber can be changed according to user requirements studio size and function; block-type box, nice shape; scientific duct design, to meet the needs of different customers; use touch screen, PLC programmable controller.


1,Constant temperature and humidity test machine warming process

The temperature inside the test chamber is mainly made of high power resistance wire, because the test chamber requirements of the heating rate is large, so the test chamber temperature system is divided into humidification and dehumidification two subsystems.


2, programmable temperature and humidity test machine cooling process

Test chamber cooling methods are mechanical cooling and auxiliary liquid nitrogen refrigeration, mechanical refrigeration using steam compression refrigeration, they mainly by the compressor, condenser, throttle and evaporator composition, constant temperature and humidity chamber if The cabinet needs to meet the larger temperature requirements of -55 ℃ or less, single-stage refrigeration is difficult to meet the requirements, so the test box will generally use the refrigeration refrigeration system.


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