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How Much Do You Know About High And Low Temperature Tensile Test Machine?

How Much Do You Know About High And Low Temperature Tensile Test Machine?

Issue Time:2015/09/14

High And Low Temperature Tensile Test Machine is mainly applied to rubber, plastic profile, plastic pipe, sheet, sheet, film, wire and cable, waterproof membrane, wire and other materials in high temperature or low temperature environment, stretching, compression, Tear, shear and other mechanical properties of the test; very convenient for users to research and development, quality control work, industrial and mining enterprises units, commodity inspection arbitration, scientific research units, universities, engineering quality and other departments ideal detection equipment.


Characteristic Of High And Low Temperature Tensile Test Machine:

The instrument by the tensile test machine main body, fixture and mobile high and low temperature test chamber and other components. The same time as

Tensile test machine body part of a full set of imported digital AC servo system, high rigidity frame structure. The same time as

High and low temperature test chamber with double insulated glass door, user-friendly observation of the test situation, and the use of all stainless steel frame and liner, not only beautiful, and strong corrosion resistance.

The overall shape of new, high precision, low noise, easy to operate.


High And Low Temperature Tensile Test Machine Safety Device:

Travel protection: mechanical, computer double protection, to prevent more than the preset trip

Power protection: can be set system

Emergency stop device: can handle sudden situation

Temperature overrun prevention device: protection of the test sample and test box

High-speed circuit protector: protects the heating circuit

Motor (blower, freezer): overload thermal relay (protection blower, freezer overload)

Refrigerant high voltage protection switch: protect the compressor, extend the service life

Circuit breaker protector: protects the compressor, prolongs the service life

Compressor overload protection switch, ultra-high temperature overload protection switch, water protection device


temperature tensile test machine

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