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The Heating Principle Of The Oven

The Heating Principle Of The Oven

Issue Time:2016/09/21

The oven is a heating device in the laboratory. Use mostly for an object evenly and for a long time heating, constant temperature,In the laboratory are also commonly used in dry objects, cleaning objects.

Hot air heating

Through the electric energy to heat the heating tube, The motor blows through the duct to make the oven internal temperature uniform. Air supply is divided into vertical circulation and horizontal circulation air supply. Through a different way to make the heating more reasonable and uniform.


Oil heating

Heat transfer oil is the electric heater directly into the organic carrier (heat transfer oil) in the direct heating, and through the high-temperature oil pump for liquid circulation will be heated after the heat transfer oil to the heat equipment, and then by the hot equipment out of the oil back to the electric The oil furnace is heated to form a complete circulation heating system.


Drying method

There are three types of drying methods:

(1) mechanical dehydration method: mechanical dehydration method is through the way of material pressure, will be part of the water out. Commonly used for pressing, sedimentation, filtration, centrifugal separation and other methods. Mechanical dehydration method can only remove part of the free water in the material, combined with water remains in the material, so the material after mechanical dehydration material moisture content is still high, generally 40 ~ 60%. But mechanical dehydration is one of the most economical ways. The same time as

(2) heating and drying method: that is, we often say that the dry, it uses heat to heat the material, gasification of the material in the water. Removal of moisture from the material requires a certain amount of heat. Usually by air to dry the material, the air is preheated into the dryer, the heat will be transferred to the material, gasification of water in the material to form water vapor, and with the air out of the dryer. The material is heated and dried to remove the bound moisture in the material to the desired moisture content of the product or raw material. The same time as

(3) chemical dehumidification method: the use of moisture to remove gas, liquid, solid materials in a small amount of water, due to moisture dehumidification capacity is limited, only used to remove trace moisture in the material. So the application of production is very small. In the actual production process, for high-humidity materials are generally as much as possible first with mechanical dehydration method to remove a large number of free water, and then take other drying methods for drying.

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