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How Can Dust Test Chamber Test Samples

How Can Dust Test Chamber Test Samples

Issue Time:2017/08/31
How can dust test chamber test samples?

Dust test chamber, also known as "sand and dust test chamber", is to simulate the natural wind and sand on the destructive product, suitable for testing the product shell sealing performance, mainly for the protection of the enclosure level standard IP5 × and IP6 × two Level test.


How it works?

The machine has a dusty vertical circulation of air, the test dust can be recycled, the entire duct using imported high-grade stainless steel plate production,the bottom of the duct is connected with the conical hopper, the fan inlet and outlet are connected directly with the duct, and then the top of the working room is connected to the working chamber,the formation of "O" -type closed vertical blowing dust circulation system, so that air flow can flow smoothly, the maximum so that the dust dispersed evenly. Using a single high-power low-noise centrifugal fan, according to the test need to use the frequency converter to adjust the wind speed.


How it can test sample?

The fan to promote a certain concentration of dust through the test sample surface at a certain rate of flow, test these samples exposed to dry sand or dust-laden atmosphere under the influence of the ability to prevent the penetration of dust particles, the prevention of gravel erosion or blocking effect And the ability to store and run.


Dust test grade

Level 0: No dust protection

Level 1: protects foreign matter larger than 50 mm from falling into the equipment

Level 2: protects foreign matter larger than 12.5 mm from falling into the equipment

Level 3: protects foreign matter larger than 2.5 mm from falling into the equipment

Level 4: protects foreign matter larger than 1.00 mm from falling into the equipment

Level 5: Do not completely prevent dust from entering, but the amount of dust entering does not affect the normal operation of the equipment, shall not affect safety

Level 6: completely dustproof


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