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How to set the time and temperature of the vacuum drying oven

How to set the time and temperature of the vacuum drying oven

Issue Time:2021/06/05
                                                                   How to set the time and temperature of the vacuum drying oven
As everyone knows, the vacuum drying oven is mainly used to dry some materials. Due to the different materials, the drying time and corresponding temperature are also different, so this requires the staff to set the equipment before operation. 

Use environment requirements:  a) Temperature: 5~40℃ b) Relative humidity: ≤85%rh c) Power supply voltage: ac220v±10% 50hz d) There is no strong vibration and corrosive gas around  
After the vacuum level adjustment is completed, the following operations can be done:  
a)  Turn on the power of the vacuum box, at this time the power indicator should be on (6090 and 6210 should be turned on the temperature controller switch respectively) The temperature controller is powered on and self-test, the pv screen displays the measured temperature in the working room, and the sv screen displays the factory settings temperature. The at and heat lights on the temperature control instrument should be on, indicating that the instrument is in the working state of heating.  

b) Modify the set temperature 1. Press the function key (set) of the temperature controller; after the pv screen displays the sp character, you can use the key button to modify the set temperature. After the modification is completed, press the set button again, and the pv screen Display st character, set the timing time. If you do not use the timing function, still let it press the set button again to make the pv screen display the studio temperature, and the sv screen display the new set temperature. The at and heat lights of the instrument are on, and the instrument enters the working state of heating again at this time.  

c) When the temperature in the working room is close to the set temperature, the heat light flashes on and off, indicating that the heating enters the PID adjustment stage. Sometimes the measured temperature of the instrument exceeds the set temperature, and sometimes it is normal for the temperature to be lower than the set temperature. When the measured temperature is close to or equal to the set temperature, after another 1 to 2 hours, the studio enters a constant temperature state, and the article enters the drying stage.
d) When the required temperature is low, the secondary setting method can be used. For example, if the required working temperature is 70℃, first set 60℃ for the first time, and then set 70℃ for the second time after the temperature overshoot starts to fall back. , This can reduce or even eliminate the temperature overshoot phenomenon, and enter the constant temperature state as soon as possible. 
e) When the article is dried, turn off the power, if the temperature is accelerated, open the air release valve to make the vacuum degree 0, wait for about 5 minutes and then open the door. If the humidity of the dry objects in the working room is high, the generated moisture will affect the performance of the vacuum pump. It is recommended to put a "dryer/filter" in series between the drying box and the vacuum pump. 

Huda's HD-E804 blast vacuum drying oven is suitable for teaching, scientific research, medicine, chemical industry, food and environmental protection and other fields to vacuum dry various small samples. The digital display is used to display the studio temperature or set temperature value, which is sensitive and easy to read. The working room is equipped with a pressure-resistant and heat-resistant glass window, which can observe the drying condition of the sample at any time. Moreover, the whole machine is small in size, light in weight, energy saving, high thermal efficiency, flexible operation and very convenient.

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