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Let's get to know Huda's vision measuring machine

Let's get to know Huda's vision measuring machine

Issue Time:2021/06/05
                                                   Let's get to know Huda's vision measuring machine

The vision measuring machine is a precise geometric measuring instrument. It is a measuring instrument composed of a mechanical main body, a ruler system, an image detection system, a drive control system, and a measurement software.

The working principle of the vision measuring machine:
The test sample (on the workbench) is illuminated by the LED surface light or the contour light (on the base), and the image of the tested part is taken by the zoom objective lens and the color CCD camera cover, and then transmitted to the computer and displayed through the S end. The software is based on the computer monitor The video cross hairs generated on the workpiece are measured, and the optical ruler is driven by the worktable to move in X and Y, and the space coordinate values ​​are taken. From the adapter card to the computer, the measurement coordinate values ​​are programmed and automatic geometric operations are completed. This kind of data automatic measurement and automatic collection work.

The function of the vision measuring machine:
Product basic geometric element measurement, combined element measurement, geometric element structure, shape and position tolerance evaluation, reverse engineering, etc. Various report output and product testing.

Application fields of vision measuring machine:
1.Mold industry
2.Automobile manufacturing
3.Medical industry
4.Machinery manufacturing
5.3C digital industry
6.PCB production

The overall structure of the vision measuring machine


1. Machine head outer cover; 2. Lens inner cover;    3. Lens; 4. Upper light source; 5. Workbench cover;         

6. Workbench upper plate; 7. Y-direction organ cover;  8. Operation table; 9. Workbench glass; 10. Rocker; 

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