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Universal testing machine (UTM)

Universal testing machine (UTM)

Issue Time:2021/07/06

Universal testing machine (UTM) is used to test the mechanical properties (tension, compression etc.) of a given test specimen by exerting tensile, compressive or transverse stresses. The machine has been named so because of the wide range of tests it can perform over different kind of materials. Different tests like peel test, flexural test, tension test, bend test, friction test, spring test etc. can be performed with the help of UTM.


1) structure: single-column and double-column.

2) drivingelectric and hydraulic.

3) test samplesplastic tensile machines, rubber tensile machines, leather tensile machines, etc.

4) capacity200kg, 2T, 5T, 10T, ... 200T.


1) Circuit board)

2) Load cell/ Sensor

3) Motor

4) Ball screw

5) Dust-proof cover

6) Fixture/Clamp/Grip

Load cell/ Sensor
Ball screw
Video link: https://youtu.be/osbDZbl53Ys

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