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Salt spray tester -- qualified sedimentation

Salt spray tester -- qualified sedimentation

Issue Time:2021/07/13
Salt spray tester -- qualified sedimentation
Qualified sedimentation is a necessary condition for salt spray test.

How to make it?

1. Preparation of neutral salt spray test reagents; first make sure that the reagents used must be chemically pure or above, and then at a temperature of 25℃±2℃, the conductivity is not higher than 20us/cm of distilled water or Sodium chloride dissolved in ionized water is prepared with a reagent concentration of 50g/L plus or minus 5g/L. Also note that the copper content in the sodium chloride used should be less than 0.001%, the nickel content should be less than 0.001%, and the sodium iodide content should not exceed 0.1%. If the temperature of the water used is 25°C plus or minus 2°C, but the pH value of the prepared solution exceeds the range of 6.0 to 7.0, you should check whether it is salt or there are unwanted impurities in the water used. The prepared solution can then be filtered before use, in order to prevent the solid matter in the solution from clogging the nozzle.

2. Sample placement; the test is to allow multiple samples to be placed at one time, and they may not be on the same horizontal surface; but it must be ensured that the box body must not be touched, and they must not be in contact with each other, and the distance between the samples should not effect the free fall of the salt spray on the tested sample, and secondly, the droplets on the test stand and the test sample cannot fall on other samples. The angle at which the sample is placed is also very important. The surface of the test sample in the salt spray tester is 15° to 25° from the vertical, and 20° is the best.

3. According to the operating process of the salt spray test machine, set the temperature of the working room and the saturation barrel, and wait patiently for the test result when you want to test. In addition, if the test time exceeds 96h(according to the standard), the test sample can be allowed to shift during the period.

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