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Will humid environment affect the service life of electronic products?

Will humid environment affect the service life of electronic products?

Issue Time:2022/03/28
Recently, residents in southern can find that the windows and walls are covered with a lot of water droplets when they go home. This is a kind of weather return phenomenon, which usually occurs in February and March. Because after the cold air leaves, the warm and humid airflow quickly counterattacks, causing the temperature to rise and the air humidity to increase. When the surface of some icy objects encounters the warm and humid airflow, it is easy to produce water droplets.
Will humid environment affect the service life of electronic products? 
Yes,of course.
On the one hand, the environmental humidity is too high will reduce the insulation strength of electronic products. Moisture in the air adheres to the surface of insulating materials, reducing the insulation resistance of electronic products, especially for equipment with a long service life, due to the accumulation of dust inside to absorb moisture, the degree of humidity will be more serious, and the insulation resistance will be lower. The risk of equipment leakage current is greatly increased, and even causes insulation breakdown, which is prone to accidents.

On the other hand, humid air is conducive to the growth of mold, and a humid, unventilated environment will accelerate the growth of mold. Mold contains a lot of moisture, which will also reduce the insulation of the equipment. At the same time, the acidic substances secreted in the process of mold metabolism interact with the insulation, which will reduce the insulation performance of the equipment.
Not only that, moist air will corrode the conductive metal, magnetic silicon steel sheet, and metal casing in the power equipment. It will reduce the performance and service life of the equipment, and even cause electrical failures.

Therefore, in the production process of electronic products, it is required to meet the humidity environment test of more than 95%. Through repeated testing of the product, its tolerance to environmental humidity is improved and the service life of the product is enhanced.
constant temperature and humidity chamber
The constant temperature and humidity chamber is the most used equipment in the temperature and humidity environment test. Usually electronic products are affected by high temperature, humidity, low temperature and dry climate conditions in the outdoor environment. Sometimes these climatic factors are constantly changing, which brings serious physical and chemical property changes to the product itself, which will affect the product itself. normal use. The constant temperature and humidity chamber can simulate the complex and changeable temperature and humidity environment and some extreme climate environments, so it is often used to test the aging resistance of some products.
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