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Formaldehyde Poisoning!

Formaldehyde Poisoning!

Issue Time:2022/04/07
Do you feel a sore throat, dry airway, dizziness and fatigue after staying indoors for a long time, but your situation will get better when you go out? If your companions also feel this way,  you should pay attention, it may be formaldehyde poisoning!

Many people will think that formaldehyde poisoning will only appear in renovated new houses. In fact, it is not. Most furniture will release formaldehyde, and office desks and chairs are no exception. Moreover, the release period of formaldehyde can be as long as about 10 years. The harm of formaldehyde can be said to be ubiquitous, and the harm of formaldehyde is numerous, such as sore throat, dry respiratory tract, easy dizziness and fatigue, but only a small degree. Part of the tissue is destroyed, the body's immunity is reduced, and even carcinogenic and teratogenic. 
Therefore, we should pay attention to the detection and removal of formaldehyde. All manufacturers must strictly control the formaldehyde emission of products within the qualified standard. Consumers should also pay attention to carefully selecting qualified products when purchasing products.

Huda's formaldehyde emission test chamber is a good choice to test concentration of formaldehyde. Click the picture to know more!

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