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Electric Vehicle Recalls and Safety

Electric Vehicle Recalls and Safety

Issue Time:2022/06/07
With the gradual promotion of new energy vehicles, the number of recalls and complaints is also gradually increasing.

According to data from the State Administration for Market Regulation, in 2021, a total of 59 recalls of new energy vehicles will be implemented, involving 830,000 vehicles, accounting for 9.5% of the total recalls for the year.

3,033 new energy vehicle defect clues were reported, reflecting that power battery, motor, and electronic control system problems accounted for 52.5% of new energy vehicle defect clues.
Complaints related to new energy vehicles are gradually increasing, mainly involving safety issues such as power outages and spontaneous combustion, battery quality issues, false data standards, unfulfilled promises, and price changes.

99.9% of the recalls of automobiles and more than 50% of the recalls of electrical and electronic products are products that meet the standards but are found to still have unreasonable dangers endangering personal and property safety after use.

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