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Walk In Test Chamber Environment chamber test

Walk In Test Chamber Environment chamber test

Walk In Test Chamber Environment chamber test
Walk In Test Chamber Environment chamber testWalk In Test Chamber Environment chamber testWalk In Test Chamber Environment chamber test
CategoriesReliable Test Chamber
BrandHUDA Test Machine Manufacturer
Product NameWalk In Test Chamber
interior wallsstainless steel 304
exterior wallscold rolled stell plate with baking finish
humidity range40% to 98% RH
FOB portshenzhen
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Update Time2022/8/17
Detail Information

Walk In Test Chamber 

Product introduction:

Walk in test chamber is large testing equipment of constant temperature and humidity test chamber series, according to the requirements of users can change the chamber size and function;walk in test chamber is typically used for testing or storing products that require a large capacity chamber. 

Specifications:Walk in test chamber

specification CTHR
temperature range  -50C to +100C
humidity range40% to 98% RH
dimension (internal) (w x d x h)1500 X 1500 X 3000 mm
dimension (external) (w x d x h)2850 X 1700 X 3200 mm
rampvariable, temp. 0~5c / min & humidity 0~5%/min in average, no load
accuracytemp. ±1c, humidity ±2.5%rh
interior walls stainless steel 304
exterior wallscold rolled stell plate with baking finish
temperature & humidity measurement and controller32 bit control and monitoring system.interface facility with rs232programmable temp. humid. controller
viewing window multi pane glass window size
port holes 50 mm diameter for wire routing
power  supply  requirement  three phase, ac380 v ± 10 %, 50 hz
sound pressure level<72DB (A)
condenser coolingwater cooled

Other Environmental Chamber Series

Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber
 Internal dimension(W*D*H)External dimension(W*D*H)Temperature RangeHumidity Range
 Environmental Chamber400*500*500mm600*1280*1380mm-40~+150℃20~98%R.H. (Refer Image below)

Stability Chamber
400*500*500mm600*1280*1380mm-70~+150℃20~98%R.H. (Refer Image below)
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Temperature Controlled Chamber1000*800*1000mm1500*1180*1900mm-40~+150℃20~98%R.H. (Refer Image below)
Humidity Controlled Chamber1000*800*1000mm1500*1180*1900mm-70~+150℃20~98%R.H. (Refer Image below)
Stability Test Chamber1000*1000*1000mm1500*1380*1900mm-40~+150℃20~98%R.H. (Refer Image below)
Climatic Chamber1000*1000*1000mm1500*1380*1900mm-70~+150℃20~98%R.H. (Refer Image below)
Walk In Test Chamber1500*1500*3000mm2850*1700*3200mm-50~+100℃40~98%R.H.

Electrical Panel Controller Feature

1.all power connectors, protection devices power control logic built in the control panel integrated to the chamber

2.all electrical cables tagged with id number

3.all electrical function circuit equipped with its own safety device that shuts down the relevant circuit or the entire test chamber if a faulty develops

4.all electrical systems comply with recognized technical regulation as well as with the accident prevention regulations.

Walk in test chamber meet following standards:

GB/BT2423.2-89 high temperature test method

GB2423.1-89 test A: low temperature test method 

GJB150.4-1986 test at low temperature

IEC60068-2-1 low temperature test method

IEC60068-2-38 temperature cycle

IEC60068-2-78 constant humidity temperature

Walk in test chamber meet following standards:

walk in test chamber

Temperature Humidity Range:

                   walk in test chamber

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