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Battery Flammability Test Chamber丨Battery Burning Test Chamber丨Battery Projectile Tester

Battery Flammability Test Chamber丨Battery Burning Test Chamber丨Battery Projectile Tester

Battery Flammability Test Chamber丨Battery Burning Test Chamber丨Battery Projectile Tester
CategoriesBattery Test Machine
BrandHUDA Test Machine Manufacturer
Diameter of test hole100±2mm
Inner dimensions750x750x500mm
Outside dimensions1000x950x1310mm
Control methodpush-button
Flame time0~99H99M, can be set
FOB portshenzhen
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Paypal
Update Time2021-12-01
Detail Information


Battery burning Test Chamber is suitable for the flame resistance test of lithium batteries (or battery packs). Drill a round hole with a diameter of 102mm on an experimental platform, and place a steel wire mesh on the round hole, place the battery under test on the steel wire mesh screen, install an octagonal aluminum wire mesh around the sample, and then ignite The burner heats the sample until the battery explodes or the battery burns out, and the combustion process is timed.


GB/T 31241-2014   "Safety requirements for lithium-ion batteries and battery packs for portable electronic products"

UL 1642:2012 "Lithium Battery Standard"

UN38.3(2012) "Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods-Manual of Tests and Standards" Part III

IEC62133-2012 "Safety requirements for batteries and battery packs containing alkaline or non-acid electrolytes"

Main Parameters

1. Control method

 push-button control;

2. Burner

 Bunsen burner, the inner diameter of the tube mouth is 10mm, and the length is about 100mm;

3. Flame application time

 0~99H99M, can be set;

4. Diameter of test hole


5. Test sieve

 a sieve made of stainless steel wire woven with a diameter of 0.43mm (0.017inch), containing 20 meshes per inch;

6. The height of the flame from the screen


7. Octagonal mesh cover

 the distance between each pair of faces is 24" (that is, 610mm), and the eight faces are movable, which is convenient for replacement and disassembly;

8. The height of the octagonal net cover

 12" (that is, 305mm);

9. Octagonal cover material

 aluminum mesh, composed of 0.25mm diameter aluminum wire woven into a mesh containing 16-18 meshes per inch.

10. Material of battery mesh

 stainless steel mesh;

11. Combustion gas

 methane or liquefied petroleum gas (customer-provided);

12. Inner dimensions

 750x750x500mm (width x depth x height);

13. Outside dimensions

 1000x950x1310mm (width x depth x height, including door lock);

14. Pressure relief door size


15. Smoke exhaust pipe

 diameter φ100mm, located at the back of the box;

16. Box door

 a single door opens to the left, and an explosion-proof chain is installed on the side of the box door;

17. Power supply

 1, 220V, 50/60Hz, 200W

18. Equipment weight

 about 160kg

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