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2022-11-03Source: HUDA

How To Solve The Problems Of Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber?

When constant temperature and humidity test chamber have some problems during using,what we can do to solve it?

1. Water Leakage

Solution: Install pressure balance port to ensure consistent pressure inside and outside the box and solve the problem of water leakage


2. High Pressure Alarm 

A: the test environment temperature of the air-cooled constant temperature and humidity is too high

Solution 1: It is recommended that the customer's ambient temperature<30°C (usually controlled at 20-27°C)

B: the circulation fan is faulty, the circuit board capacitor that controls the fan is faulty, causing the speed to not meet the standard, and the temperature is too high, resulting in an alarm

Solution 2: Change the circulating fan


3. The Entrance Of The Painted Water Tank Is Easy To Rust

Solution: Communicate with the paint shell supplier to improve the stainless steel treatment


4. Compressor Noise

Solution: The bottom is not sealed, only a fixed frame or customer non-standard requirements, increase the thickness of the plate


5. Evaporator Is Frosted

Solution: An additional evaporating pressure regulating valve is required to increase the evaporating pressure on the surface of the evaporator, so as to control the evaporating temperature and prevent frosting

If some other problems or you cannot solve these issues,please contact us to help you.

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