Huda is a leading manufacturer & supplier of climatic test chambers, tensile test machines,battery test machines,plastic test machines,etc.
For many years, Huda has been focusing on innovations in testing machine, in all industries. We are experienced and proactive we will provide high-quality equipment and determine effective solutions according to your needs, meeting international testing standard, or develop one-stop lab testing solutions to help more company improve product quality.

Materials Universal Test Machine

This product tests the tensile, bending, bonding, shearing, peeling, tearing and other mechanical properties of various materials

Rubber and Plastic Tester

It is mainly used to determine the impact toughness of non-metallic materials, fiber-reinforced thermosets and thermoplastic composites

Reliable Test Chamber

The constant temperature and humidity box can simulate various temperature and humidity environments, providing reliability and stability parameters in harsh environments

Materials Universal Test Machine

This product can be configured with various tensile or compression test materials for tensile, compressive, bending and bending properties

Battery Test Machine

It is suitable for testing, design and development of new energy batteries.

Huda flourishes by maintaining a consistent partnership with customers, and is committed to solving testing and inspection problems for manufacturers, providing independent OEM integrated solutions to your laboratory and factory.
Contact us to provide the latest product solutions, or choose the products you need in your field.
Company Profile

HUDA Technology Co.,Ltd and Haida International Equipment Co.,Ltd are affliated to QTS Group, which is a professional environmental reliability testing enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.

Since its establishment, it has gathered a group of experienced and skilled R&D personnel and an efficient and professional after-sales service team.With the spirit of innovation, focus, professionalism, and integrity, through the spirit of continuous improvement, we have created large-scale customized and complex experiments with design and manufacturing.

We dominate the market at home and abroad, covering the industries like the military, nuclear, aerospace, electronics, automotive, communication equipment, biomedical research and other scientific and technological fields.


R & D team

We have established cooperation with many top universities and research institutes in China. With 5 industry-university-research cooperation bases, we has hired more than 20 doctoral supervisors as consultants.

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We are a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, production and sales in metrology. With a total area of 60,000 square meters, we have 4 independent instrument production plants, 15 branches in China, 8 overseas service,more than 28,000 customers around the world.

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Sales Team

With hundreds of sales engineers, we provide the consults and solutions for all the customers all over world.Efficient work and techinical professions have been satisfying their needs and creating HUD brand influences

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After sale

The professional after-sales team provides customers with instructions manuals and vedios on how to install and use the machine. Provide customers with repairs, parts upgrades and remote software upgrade services.

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Since 2004, HUDA has been focusing on innovation in environmental test machine, battery test machine, rubber and plastic testing machines, UTM, etc., with rich experiences and a proactive attitude.