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Hydraulic Universal Test Machine
Hydraulic Universal Test Machine
Hydraulic Universal Test Machine
Hydraulic Universal Test Machine
Hydraulic Universal Test Machine
Hydraulic Universal Test Machine
Hydraulic Universal Test Machine
Hydraulic Universal Test Machine
Hydraulic Universal Test Machine
Hydraulic Universal Test Machine

Hydraulic Universal Test Machine


Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine is an important equipment for testing the physical properties, mechanical properties, technological properties, structural properties and internal and external defects of various materials and their products.

It can realize tensile, compression, bending, shearing and other types of tests on metal or non-metallic materials, and can automatically obtain the tensile strength, yield strength, specified non-proportional elongation strength, elastic modulus and other performance indicators of the measured material, which can complete closed-loop control such as constant-rate loading, constant-rate deformation, constant-rate displacement, and constant-rate strain.



    Large diameter columns and rugged components for durable frame:Dual power mechanism servo motor gear pump.Dual motors. Dual oil pumps, gear oil pump for boosting. The separate oil supply of the clamp and the oil cylinder is stable and reliable. (The traditional three-phase asynchronous motor supplies oil for the clamp, and the servo motor supplies oil for the oil cylinder. It is ultra-quiet and the noise is less than 70 decibels. The loading is more stable and faster. The sample clamping is more reliable and durable.)

    Independent external controller: The addition of an independent external manual control unit provides a new solution for the measurement, control and operation of the testing machine. USB data transmission fully supports notebook computers, tablet computers, and desktop computers; it is an important part of leading the development of testing machine technology.

    Multifunctional handheld controller: It can control the rise and fall of the moving beam and the oil cylinder, the clamping and unclamping of the jaws, and the emergency stop function of the oil pump, which is more convenient to use the sample clamping.

    Operation monitoring system: It has the function of phase sequence, phase loss self-check indication, electrical overcurrent, overload and other protection functions, so that the equipment operation is safe and reliable.

    Elastic damping mechanism: The lower part of the lead screw is equipped with an elastic damping mechanism Effectively reducing the impact caused by the fracture of the sample and reducing the noise.

    Flexible dust cover: Prevent foreign objects from entering, to increase the durability of the lead screw and transmission mechanism, and to improve the aesthetics of the whole machine

    Safety shield: Three-sided cold-rolled steel plate punching safety shield to prevent foreign objects from flying out during the test. It improves the protection level and facilitates real-time observation by operators, effectively ensuring the personal safety of the experimenter.

    Cartridge valve type differential pressure follow-up technology: The servo pump station adopts the cartridge valve type differential pressure follow-up technology. It is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable, and reduces the heating of the system; at the same time, the clamping force increases with the increase of the test force, and the sample is firmly clamped.


    Data Acquisition:provides data acquisition and management for compression, tensile and splitting tensile test throughout the test execution. Test parameters can be set and details about the test carried out such as client details, test type, specimen type, user info...

    Real Time Display The Test Data

    Accommodate Various Testing Needs: software has a variety of pre-set programmed test cycles for compression, tensile and cyclical testing to meet a variety of testing standards.

    Remote Control: via software, text execution, data analysis available through RS-232 port

    Test Data Reports & Prints: test report printing options include direct to printer or excel file or graph export.



HUD-B616-1 Hydraulic Universal Test Machine


2Max. load300KN600KN1000KN

Load range6KN-300KN12KN-600KN20KN-1000KN

Load accuracy±1%

Elongation resolution0.01mm

Piston stroke250mm

Max. piston stroke speed50mm/min
3Elongation accuracy±1%
4Max. Tensile space300mm(excluding piston stroke)
5Max. Compression space250mm(excluding piston stroke)
6Display modePC
7Clamping modeHydraulic
8Operation modeManual
9Flat sample thickness0-15 mm
10Clamping width70mm70mm125mm
11Round sample diameterΦ10-φ32 mmΦ1340 mmΦ1360 mm
12Compression plate size170*170mm170*170mm204*204mm
13Load frame dimensions900*750*2200mm
14Oil source dimensions1200 x 550 x 1100mm


Standards for Reference


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Compression tests at ambient temperature

Shear Tests

Strand tensile tests


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