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Battery Crush & Nail Penetration Test Chamber
Battery Crush & Nail Penetration Test Chamber

Battery Crush & Nail Penetration Test Chamber


Battery Crush & Nail Penetration Test Chamber is suitable for simulating the squeezing and acupuncture of various batteries during use, transportation, storage or disposal of household waste. 


1. Drive mode

 Servo motor drive;

2. Control method

 PLC touch screen control;

3. Force range


4. Extrusion stroke


5. Force value display

 touch screen display;

6. Extrusion head

 Extrusion head area 20cm²;

7. Extrusion degree

 Extrusion pressure reaches 13±0.2kN, keep for 1min;

8. Test space

 200x200x200mm (width x depth x height)

9. External material

 A3 steel plate and painted, thickness 1.5mm;

10. Material of inner box

 SUS#304, thickness 1.2mm;

11. Steel needle

 φ2mm~φ8mm high temperature resistant steel needle, the length is 100mm (can be specified);

12. Inner box size

 520x450x560mm (width x depth x height);

13. Dimensions

 800x700x1720mm (width x depth x height, including door lock);

14. Pressure relief door size


15. Smoke exhaust pipe

 diameter φ100mm, located at the back of the box;



    The test should be at an ambient temperature of 20℃±5℃ To proceed, place the battery connected to the thermocouple (the contact of the thermocouple is fixed on the large surface of the battery) in a fume hood, and pierce the largest surface of the battery with a non-corrosive steel needle with a diameter of 2-8mm at a speed of 25mm/s Keep it at the center of the battery for any time and observe the test results. The battery is qualified if it does not explode or does not catch fire.


    UN 38.3 "United Nations Manual of Transport Tests and Standards for Dangerous Goods"

    IEC62133 "Battery (group) composed of batteries and safety requirements for portable equipment"

    UL 1642:2012 "Lithium Battery Standard"

    GB/T 31485-2015 "Safety requirements and test methods for power batteries for electric vehicles"

    GB/T 31241-2014   "Safety requirements for lithium-ion batteries and battery packs for portable electronic products"

    Battery Crush & Nail Penetration Test Chamber

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