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Single Column Universal Test Machine
Single Column Universal Test Machine
Single Column Universal Test Machine
Single Column Universal Test Machine
Single Column Universal Test Machine
Single Column Universal Test Machine
Single Column Universal Test Machine
Single Column Universal Test Machine

Single Column Universal Test Machine


HUD-B609-S Single Column Universal Test Machine has rich applications, more than 100 different sample fixtures are configured for users to choose, which can meet the test requirements of more than 1000 materials; for different user materials, huda also provides customized services to meet the test requirements of different users.




Load capacity

5~200kg (50N,100N,200N,250N,500N,1kN,2kN,can be optional) 

Load cell brand

Imported brand load cell


400w Panasonic servo motor


400w servo actuator


High precision Ball screw

Control system

PC with windows 7 or 10 system

Test speed

0.01-500mm/min (adjustable)

Vertical test space

900mm (including clamp)

Load resolution


Load accuracy


Force reading


External dimension



About 68KG


1∮ AC 220V

Detailed Content

From the source of materials to product packaging full testing
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    Ten processes to address diversity needs

    Equipment integrates ten professional independent test procedures, such as tensile, peeling, tearing, heat sealing, fixed extension tensile, lower pressure, puncture retention force, etc., and provides users with a variety of test items.

    Support rubber plug puncture, ampoule breaking force and other compression test, test speed can be set freely

    Intelligent design of limit protection, overload protection, automatic return, etc. To ensure safe OPERATION


    Equipped with a force-value testing system for world-renowned brands, providing better force-value accuracy than level 0.5, better repeatability and more flexible testing

    Equipped with a world-renowned brand servo operating system, with precision ball screw multi-axis positioning technology, to provide better than 0.5 level displacement accuracy, poleless speed regulation, easy to use, more stable operation.

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    Support group test data comparison analysis, with multi-unit conversion function

    the system are convenient for external access and data transmission


Basic application

Extended application (Need special accessories or restructuring)

Tensile strength and deformation rate

Breaking force of ampoule

Film puncture force

Puncture force of lid of infusion bag with lid

Puncture/pulling force of soft rubber stopper

Breaking force

Combination cover opening force

ZD bottle cap tearing force

Oral fluid lid tearing force

Oral fluid cap puncture/pulling force

Heat seal strength

Pulling force of infusion bag cover inclined at 90 degrees

Pull-out force of lid for infusion bag with lid

23 degree tilting cap pulling force

Piercing/pulling force with bottle cap and stopper

Tear resistance

90 degree peel force of tape

Perfect bound pages tearing force

90 degree water-based plaster peeling force

Adhesive tearing force

180 degree peel

Adhesive strength test (soft)

Adhesive strength test (hard)

Peeling force of hose cap

Catheter and catheter joint disengagement force

90 degree peel

Makeup brush bristles pulling force

Toothbrush bristles pulling force

Rope breaking force

Jelly cup and yogurt cup opening force

Fixed tensile test

Milk cup cup film peeling force

Extraction force of rubber plug

45 degree peeling force of bottle film

Ziplock bag mouth pull


Down test

Magnetic card core peeling force

90 degree peeling force of magnetic card

Heat-sealing film tearing force

Protective film separation force

Puncture retention

Release paper separation force

Trouser tearing force

Unwinding force of tape

Pressure resistance of plastic bottles


  • Adhesives Tape/Pressure Sensitive Tape

    Ø EN 1719: Loop Tack Test

    Ø ASTM D3654: Shear Adhesion Test

    Ø ASTM D3759: Tensile &Elongation Test

    Ø FTM: 180&90 Degree Peel Test, Loop Tack

    Ø EN 1939, ASTM D3330: 180&90 Degree Peel Test

    Ø ISO 11339, ASTM D1876, ASTM F2256: T-type Peel Test

  • Adhesive

    Ø ASTM D903: Peel & Stripping Test

    Ø ASTM D1002: Shear Strength (Adhesive for metal to metal)

    Ø ISO 4587: Tensile lap-shear strength (Rigid-to-rigid bonded assemblies)

  • Film/Plastic Film

    Ø ASTM D882: Tensile Test

    Ø ASTM F1306: Puncture Test

    Ø ASTM D1938: Trouser Tear Test

    Ø ASTM D2732: Thermal Shrinkage Test

    Ø ASTM D1709, ISO 7765-1: Free-Falling Dart Method

    Ø ASTM D1894: Static and Kinetic Coefficients of Friction

    Ø ASTM D1424, ASTM D1922, ISO 1974: Elmendorf Tearing Strength Test

  • Plastic& Plastic Pipe

    Ø ISO 180: Izod Impact Test

    Ø ISO 9966: Ring Stiffness Test

    Ø ISO 179: Charpy Impact Test

    Ø ISO 4892: Weathering Aging Test

    Ø ASTM D3163: Plastic Lap-Shear Test

    Ø ISO 4422, ISO 3127: Pipe Impact Test

    Ø ASTM D4565, ISO 11357, EN 728: DSC/OIT

    Ø ISO 75: Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT)

    Ø ASTM D1598: Hydrostatic Pressure and Burst Test 

    Ø ISO 1133, ASTM D1238: Melt Flow Rate Test (MFR/MVR)

    Ø ASTM D790, ISO 178, ISO 14125, ASTM D6272: Bend Test

    Ø ISO 306, ASTM D1525: Vicat Softening Temperature (VST)

    Ø ASTM D882, ASTM D 638, ISO 527, ASTM D1708: Tensile Test

  • Rubber

    Ø ASTM D412, ISO 37-2005, JIS K6251, DIN 53504-2009: Tensile Strength & Elongation Test

    Ø ASTM D1149-07, ASTM D1171-99, ISO 7326, ISO1431-1, DIN 53509-1: Ozone Aging Test

    Ø ASTM D624-00, ISO 34-1: Tearing strength Test

    Ø ASTM D395-03, ISO 815-1: Compression Set Test

    Ø ASTM D2240-05, ISO 7619-1, JIS K6253, ISO 868: Shore Hardness Type A/D

    Ø ASTM D573, ASTM D865, ISO188 Method B, DIN 53508 High/ Low Temperature Test

    Ø ISO 2781(Method A): Density Test

    Ø ASTM D5289-95/ ISO6502: No-Rotor Rheometer/Curemeter

    Ø ASTM D1646: Mooney Viscometer

  • Foam

    Ø ASTM D3574 Test E, ASTM D1623, ISO 1798: Tensile Test

    Ø ASTM D3574 Test F, ISO 8067: Tear Test

    Ø ASTM D3574 Test A: Density Test

    Ø ASTM D3574 Test B1, ISO 2439: IFD Test

    Ø ASTM D3574 Test H: Resilience (Ball Rebound) Test

    Ø ASTM D3574 Test I3: Dynamic Fatigue Test by Constant Force

  • Metal

    Ø ASTM E8, EN 10002-1,ASTM A370: Tensile Test

    Ø ASTM A370: Bend Test

    Ø ASTM B-117, ISO 3768: Salt Spray Test

    Ø ISO 6508: Rockwell Hardness Test

    Ø ISO 6507: Vickers Hardness Test

    Ø ISO 6506, ASTM E10-14: Brinell Hardness

    Ø ASTM E23, ISO 148: Impact Test

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