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Solar Panel Test Chamber
Solar Panel Test Chamber

Solar Panel Test Chamber


Solar Panel Test Chamber testing solar panels, grid-tied photovoltaic inverters, or photovoltaic cells and modules. 


  • Walk-in Temperature Humidity Test Chamber


    Solar Panel Test Chamber testing solar panels, grid-tied photovoltaic inverters, or photovoltaic cells and modules.

    Solar Panel Test Chambers are designed to test Solar Panels as per IEC test standards in order to prove their performance, reliability, durability and service life. There are three test methods that are performed; Thermal Cycle Test, Humidity Freeze Test and Damp Heat Test. Details of these tests are below:

    Thermal Cycle Test: Thermal cycle test is performed according to IEC 61215:2005 standard to test ability of PV module to withstand effects of temperature stress. This test is performed between temperature 85°C and -40°C with fast changing rate. Number of cycles is run 50 or 200 times.

    Humidity Freeze Test: Humidity freeze test is performed to determine ability of PV modules withstand against high temperature and humidity conditions followed by sub-zero temperature. In this this 10 cycles are run between 85°C with 85% relative humidity and negative temperature -40°C.

    Damp Heat Test: Damp heat test is performed to test effects of long exposure of humidity penetration and high temperature. In this test is performed by applying 85°C ±2°C temperature with relative humidity of 85% for uninterrupted cycle of 1000 hours.

    In order to perform above mentioned tests, we make Environmental Test Chambers or Climatic Test Chambers that can perform these tests effectively. As solar panels come in different sizes and dimensions; therefore, solar panel environmental chambers are also made according their sizes. Whatever the panel size, small, medium or large; we can design the test chamber that meets your requirement under your price budget. Our Solar panel environmental test chambers are made of imported components and fabricated with stainless steel sheets using CNC and laser machines. Digital touch control panel enables you to save temperature, humidity settings with controllable rate and dwell times. Data recording facility is inbuilt. Imported branded refrigeration system lets you experience trouble free negative temperature for long hours. Special stainless steel rack system is provided to hold PV modules inside chamber. We supply our solar panel test chambers all over worldwide at factory price with complete installation, commissioning and after sales service.

    Contact Haida for your custom solar panel testing needs.




Inner dimension

4m³, 8m³, 10m³, 15m³, 20m³, 25m³, 30m³, 40m³ (sizes can be customized)

Temperature range

 -20/-40/-70150℃ (optional)

Sample limit

This test equipment prohibits the test of flammable, explosive, and volatile substance samples; the test of storing corrosive substance samples, the test of storing organisms, the test and storage of storing strong electromagnetic emission source samples

Power supply & its conditions

3380VAC±10%, 50Hz Three-phase four-wire system N + protective grounding

Allowable voltage fluctuation range: 10%

Allowable frequency fluctuation range: (50±0.5) Hz

The grounding resistance of the protective earth wire is less than 4Ω

The user is required to configure an air or power switch with corresponding capacity for the equipment at the installation site, and this switch must independently control the use of the equipment


Functional requirements

(Air) Indoor space cooling, heating, humidification, and dehumidification;

According to the temperature and humidity setting, the indoor space reaches the set temperature and humidity

Test environment conditions

The ambient temperature is +25°C, relative humidity ≤85%, and the value measured under the condition that there is no sample in the test box.

Temperature & Humidity Range

Humidity range

Humidity range: 2098%HR

Control precision

Temperature resolution: 0.01°C

Humidity resolution: 0.1%RH

Temperature deviation: ±1.5°C

Humidity deviation: ±2%RH

Temperature uniformity: ≤2°C

Humidity uniformity: ≤3%RH

Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5°C

Humidity fluctuation: ± 2%RH

Temperature rise and fall rate (no load)

+25℃→+80℃≤35 min

+25℃→-40℃ ≤60 min

Note: The above performance indicators are the values measured under the condition that the ambient temperature is +25°C, the water temperature is 28°C, the relative humidity is ≤85%, and there is no sample.



Combined assembly board, detachable structure, convenient for on-site installation.

Exterior materials

Color steel plate φ=0.8mm

Interior materials

Stainless steel plate SUS304φ=0.8mm

Library body thickness

100mm insulation material is rigid polyurethane foam

Floor load

Reinforced bottom plate, can load 600kg/(evenly distributed load)

Material of the door

Same as warehouse board

Thickness of the door

100mm insulation material is rigid polyurethane foam


Double door, effective headroom size W1500*H2200mm,

Door lock

Japanese door lock, strong door hinge, with anti-deadlock device

Observation window

Two observation windows: Two W300*H450mm conductive film explosion-proof and anti-fog tempered glass observation windows are set on the door,

Test hole

1 test hole, size: Φ100mm, position to be determined by the customer

Air conditioning channel

Built-in air room, circulating air duct and stainless steel circulating fan, through the top back leaf window and diffuser, the wind blows out from the top evenly, and distributes the tempered temperature in the tempering room to the test space, so as to achieve the purpose of uniform temperature control

Control panel

South Korea imported TEMI2700 LCD touch type programmable controller

Lighting switch, main power switch, RS-232 communication interface

Machinery room

Refrigeration unit, exhaust fan, drainage device, water vapor outlet

Power distribution control cabinet

Main power circuit breaker, controller, switchboard, cooling fan, over-temperature protector

Heating system

Use scale heat dissipation heating tube P.I.D to control heating to achieve temperature balance

Cooling system

Heat exchanger: water-cooled condenser

Mode of transport

The machine room is transported as a whole, and the warehouse body is packaged and transported

Electrical Control System


Imported controller to control temperature and humidity separately

South Korea SAMWON, color touch screen control TEMI2700

Screen display function

Temperature and humidity setting (SV) actual (PV) value is directly displayed

Can display the execution program number, segment number, remaining time and cycle number, running time display

Program editing and graphic curve display

With a separate program editing screen, each page can enter 4 segments of temperature, humidity, and time

Fixed-point or program action status display

Language switch can switch Chinese/English

7.5 True color display screen

Program capacity and control function

The amount of programs that can be used: 120 groups at most, 1 program can be combined from 1 to 100 stages

Usable memory capacity: 1200 SEGMENTS

Commands can be executed repeatedly: each command can be up to 999 times

The program slope setting can be set by the time axis

Each segment between programs can be set up to 99 hours and 99 minutes, and the minimum is one minute, which can be set for connection use

With editing, clearing, inserting and other functions

With 4 sets of time signal output control (can control the ON/OFF action of the test object)

With 9 groups of PID parameter settings

Jump and hold function during program execution

The screen can be adjusted for backlight, and the backlight time can be set

Screen display protection function can be set timed or manually closed

Program copy, COPY, connection function, edit experiment title and other program editing functions

PID automatic calculation and FUZZY control function

With power-off program memory, it will automatically start and continue to execute the program after power is restored

With scheduled start-up and shutdown function

With date and time adjustment function

Button and screen lock (LOCK) function

With standby view function

With network connection function


Can be connected to the computer to display the curve and obtain data

Can be used as a monitoring and remote control system

Can do synchronous control of multiple machines

Communication interface

Used to store test data and test curves, the standard storage capacity is 2G, which can be expanded to 4G

SD memory card

Chinese/English interface, touch input

Setting method

Program method / fixed value method

Operation mode

The upper and lower limits of the maximum temperature range 5℃

Display resolution

Temperature: 0.01℃; Humidity: 0.1%; Time: 1min;

Power-off memory function

The power-off recovery mode can be set as: hot start/cold start/stop

Schedule boot function

The power-on time can be set at will, and the machine will run automatically when the power is turned on

Temperature measuring body

PT100 platinum resistance

Curve record function

With battery-protected RAM, it can save the set value, sampling value and sampling time of the device; the maximum recording time is 60 days (when the sampling period is 1.5min)

Software use environment

IBM PC compatible machine, CPU above PⅡ, memory above 128M, Simplified Chinese Windows2000 or Simplified Chinese WindowsXP operating system

Internet connection

It can be connected to the Ethernet network through professional software, remote control and remote assistance can be done through the network, and test data can be collected through the network, and multiple machines can be controlled at the same time

Predetermined area

Temperature: Adjust according to the temperature working range of the equipment (upper limit +5℃, lower limit -5℃)


Platinum resistance/DC 15V input

Ancillary function(standard configuration)

Fault alarm and reason, processing prompt function

Power-off protection function

Upper and lower limit temperature protection function

Cooling System

Cooling method

In order to ensure the cooling rate and minimum temperature requirements of the laboratory, this laboratory adopts a set of binary compound refrigeration system. The cascade system includes a high-temperature refrigeration cycle and a low-temperature refrigeration cycle. The heat exchange is realized by an evaporative condenser.

Refrigeration Compressors

Imported low-temperature compressor


Water-cooled heat exchanger


Finned tube heat exchanger

Evaporative condenser

Stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger

Throttling device

Thermal expansion valve, capillary tube

Refrigerator control method

The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) of the control system automatically adjusts the operating conditions of the refrigerator according to the test conditions

Compressor return air cooling circuit

Energy pressure regulating valve


Using environmentally friendly refrigerant R404A+R23 with an ozone depletion index of 0

Refrigeration system characteristics

The pipelines of the whole system are tested for leak detection by venting and pressurizing 22kg.

The heating and cooling systems are completely independent.

Equipped with the company's professional technical characteristics, it can prevent the damage of the high-temperature and high-pressure airflow co-current cooling machine.

All operating procedures of the refrigeration system are completely controlled by the microcomputer controller.

There is a drip pan at the bottom of the compressor, which can collect the condensation water produced by frost.

The compressor has its own PTC temperature sensor, when the compressor is over-temperature, it can realize over-temperature protection.

The compressor has its own oil pressure protector to realize compressor oil pressure protection.

The high and low pressure protection device monitors the pressure of the refrigerant during the working process of the equipment. Once the pressure of the refrigerant is higher than the limit pressure of the system or lower than the minimum pressure set by the system, an alarm will be issued immediately and the power supply will be cut off until the fault is eliminated .

The refrigeration system all uses imported brand accessories, which are reliable in quality and ensure the stability of the system.

Humidification & Dehumidification System

Replenishment method

Three-stage filter filtration, water pump lifts automatic water supply, circulating filtration and recovery

Humidification and dehumidification method

Adopt external humidification method, special dehumidification compressor starts dehumidification, P.I.D controls the humidification amount to reach the required humidity

Safety Protection System

Cooling System

Compressor overheating, overcurrent, overpressure protection, etc.

Test box

Limit over temperature, fan, motor overheating relay

Humidification system

Dry heating of humidification heat pipe, abnormal water supply, abnormal drainage, abnormal water shortage

Power supply

Leakage protection, overload and short circuit protection


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