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2022-09-23Source: HUDA

Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber’s Alarm Sound! Why?

Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber is usually used to test the heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and humidity resistance of various materials.

Due to the improper operation, it often leads to alarms.

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber

There are 3 reasons for the alarm during using.

1. Refrigeration System

-1- Refrigeration compressor overpressure. If the refrigerant pressure of the refrigeration system exceeds the set value, it will stop and alarm at the same time. At this time, the fault must be eliminated and then reset manually.

-2- Circulating cooling water is short of water. When the water pressure of the cooling circulating water system is insufficient, it will stop and alarm at the same time. It must wait for the fault to be eliminated and reset before normal operation.

-3- Refrigeration compressor overheating. When the coil of the compressor is overheated and the power supply of the line is abnormal, it will stop and alarm at the same time.

2. Temperature System

-1- Over temperature in the humid heat alternating cycle test chamber. The sensors in the channel of the test chamber and the sample area are equipped with over-temperature protection devices, and there are also over-temperature protection on the operation panel. When the temperature of the test area exceeds the temperature set on the panel, it will stop and alarm at the same time.

-2- Over temperature protection of the test sample. When the temperature of the sample area exceeds the protection temperature set by the controller, it will stop and alarm at the same time. The over-temperature protection of the sample is divided into upper limit protection and lower limit protection, which can be set as required.

3. Cooling Fan System

-1- Cooling fan overheats. When the coil of the fan is overheated, it will stop and alarm at the same time.

-2- Overcurrent of cooling fan. When the current of the fan exceeds the allowable value, it will stop and alarm at the same time, and it can only operate normally after the overcurrent troubleshooting is over.

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