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2022-10-10Source: HUDA

Operation Of Battery Weight Impact Test Machine

Battery Weight Impact Test Machine simulates that the battery (or battery pack) is impacted by free-falling objects of different masses from different heights, resulting in a short circuit inside the battery to evaluate the safety performance of the battery.


Operating Steps:

1. Confirm that the power supply voltage is 220V, turn on the power switch, and the fan starts randomly;

2. Open the door, select the desired impact height, then close the box door tightly, press the "Up" button, the drop weight will automatically rise to the required height limit (the height limit is 610mm or 1000mm), and then automatically stop rising.

3. Open the door, insert the safety pin (please follow this step strictly for safety and protection), place the sample to be tested at the center of the pressure plate, and then place the crossbar at the center of the sample clamp the battery, pull out the safety latch, and close the door.

4. Press the "Shock" button, the ball drop weight will fall freely to complete a test.



1. The test sample should be a non-deformed sample or a sample with a well-packaged shell, so as not to affect the test conclusion.

2. Before placing the sample in each operation, be sure to insert the full-pressing pin. It is strictly forbidden to operate without the safety pin being inserted, so as to avoid unnecessary safety accidents.

3. When changing the test height to 1000mm, just loosen the screw of the limit switch at 610mm and remove the limit.

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