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2022-09-14Source: HUDA

Refrigeration System Working Principle of Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber, also known as high and low temperature humidity test chamber, generally used to test the heat resistance, dry resistance, moisture resistance of electrical, electronic and other products and materials. It is wildly used in aerospace, automotive, scientific research, electronics, electrical appliances, building materials and other fields.

 HUD-E702 Constant temperature and humidity test chamber

Working Principle Of Refrigeration System

The compressor is the heart of the constant temperature and humidity chamber’s refrigeration system, it will turn the low temperature and low pressure gas into high temperature and high pressure gas, release heat by condensing into a liquid, take away the heat through the fan, and then through the throttling to the low pressure liquid, followed by the evaporator to become a low temperature and low pressure gas and finally return to the compressor; The refrigerant absorbs heat in the evaporator to complete the gasification process and absorb heat, achieve the purpose of refrigeration, and complete the cooling process.

 HUD-E702 Refrigeration System

The refrigeration cycle is an inverse carro cycle, which consists of two isothermal processes and two insulation processes.

The refrigerant is compressed to a higher pressure by the compressor adiabatic, and the exhaust temperature is increased by the power consumed, and then the refrigerant is isothermal and the surrounding medium is exchanged to transfer the heat to the surrounding medium.

The refrigerant is worked by the adiabatic expansion of the interceptor valve, and the refrigerant temperature is reduced.

Finally, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the higher temperature object through the evaporator isotherm, so that the temperature of the cooled object is reduced. This cycle repeats itself in order to achieve the purpose of cooling.


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