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2022-07-13Source: HUDA

Attentions for Using Constant Temperature And Humidity Chamber

Constant Temperature And Humidity Chamber can simulate the complex natural environment of low temperature, high temperature, high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and low humidity.

It is suitable for product reliability testing in various industries such as plastics, electronics, food, clothing, vehicles, metals, chemicals, and building materials.


When using Constant Temperature And Humidity Chamber, please pay attention to the following 7 points to prevent accidents and injuries.

  • 1 During operation, please do not open the chamber door, otherwise it may lead to the following adverse consequences.

    (1) The high temperature airflow rushes out of the chamber, which is very dangerous.

    (2) The inside of the chamber door still maintains a high temperature, causing burns.

    (3) High temperature air may trigger fire alarm and cause malfunction.

  • 2 Constant Temperature And Humidity Chamber must be safely grounded to avoid electrostatic induction.


  • 3 The lights should be turned off at the rest of the time.

  • 4 On any section perpendicular to the prevailing wind direction, the sum of the area of the test load section should not be greater than one third of the working section there.

  • 5 Operator need to check the safety systems regularly,such as circuit breaker, over-temperature protection...

  • 6 If the heating test product is placed in the test chamber, please use the external power supply for the power control of the test product, and do not directly use the power supply of the machine. When putting high temperature samples into the test, attention should be paid that the time for opening the chamber door should be as short as possible.

  • 7 It is forbidden to test explosive, flammable and highly corrosive substances.

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