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2022-07-13Source: HUDA

Huda’s Induction Training For New Employees

Induction training is the first step for new employees to enter the company, know the company, and integrate into the company and team.


Our induction training mainly includes the following 3 aspects.


1 Company Overview

Huda is an independent operating subsidiary of QTS Group, focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of reliability environmental test equipment.

Company Culture

Vision: To become a world-renowned testing instrument company

Mission: Let every enterprise have high-quality testing instruments

Values: Innovation, Efficiency, Inheritance, Passion, Persistence


2 Product Introduction

Huda is mainly engaged in various test equipment such as constant temperature and humidity test chamber, high and low temperature test chamber, thermal shock test chamber, aging test chamber, salt spray test chamber, IP test chamber and so on.

Service fields cover scientific research, military industry, rubber and plastics, communications, automobiles, electronics, rail transit and other industries.


3 Management System

Management System is one of the key points of this training, emphasizing the points that employees should pay attention to in terms of entry, resignation procedures, and attendance items. Of course, it also includes the holidays, welfare and salary...


This training will enable new employees to know more about the company, enable employees to understand the company's history, culture, goals, organizational structure and management methods

At the same time,understand the work process and system specifications, so that they can adapt to new work environment & job,then improve work efficiency.

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