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2022-08-19Source: HUDA

Know More About Huda

As a china leading manufacture and supplier of climatic test chamber with 18 years,huda has provided laboratory solutions to 10,000+ customers, and continues to expand its influence through local agents in various countries, providing high-quality testing equipment and excellent services to companies around the world.


Why Huda In Test Machine Fields?

It's a blooming period of varied products, utmost of the products have to be tested before delivering to the customers.

We understand the pressure faced by test machine manufacturers to increase product quality, gain a competitive edge, and to bring new products to request rapidly. This is why we offer a broad range of standard and custom- designed environmental test chambers adapted to meet demanding conditions.


What test machines Huda Can Offer?

Huda offer a comprehensive line of standard and customized environmental test chambers and walk-in chambers. 

Huda test chambers are available in a variety of configurations that can meet your temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, and vacuum- testing conditions.


Climatic Test Chambers are designed to instinctively control certain conditions similar as temperature and humidity. Any environmental condition can be created artificially, similar as an extremely hot, cold, and indeed sharp conditions. 

With a chamber volume from 50L to 1000L, we offer different sizes to meet different needs. Yet have a low floor space demand because of their narrow and compact construction. In addition, the appliances can be accessibly moved on castors through any standard laboratory door. 

Huda helps customers make certain that their products, materials, processes, and services are safe, compliant and fit for purpose.

Any questions,please do not hesitate to ask us!

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