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2022-08-26Source: HUDA

To huda--A Letter From Huda’s Staff

With a flick of a finger, time flies,8 months have passed since 2022. 

Looking back on 2022, under the influence of repeated epidemics and the national power cut order, our performance and output value can continue to increase steadily, which is closely related to corporate culture. Every moment in life will leave a shadow of struggle, precious spiritual wealth and unforgettable memories. Struggle is our constant philosophy. 

In the rest of 2022, we will continue to work hard to create a better future with the mission - let every enterprise have high-quality testing instruments. 

Whether it is shocking or moving, whether it is tears or laughter, it will be projected into people's hearts and leave an indelible mark. We have workshop colleagues who work overtime until late at night in order to meet the delivery deadline, we have R&D colleagues who continuously improve solutions to meet customer needs, and we have after-sales colleagues who have been running around in major cities and countries to bring on-site services to customers. 

In their positions, they strive for the company's vision - to become a world-renowned testing instrument company. 

We are determined to shine in our respective fields, keep improving, and create the value of life!

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