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2022-08-19Source: HUDA

What Need To Do When Using Salt Spray Test Chamber?

As an important testing equipment for corrosion resistance testing, Salt Spray Test Chamber has been widely used.

 Salt Spray Test Chamber

When using Salt Spray Test Chamber,some details need to be paid attention to.

  • 1. The surface of the sample should be cleaned. The cleaning method can be selected according to the nature and contamination status of the sample surface. Note that the sample cannot be re-contaminated due to excessive or careless handling.

  • 2. The test sample covered with paint and non-metallic film cannot be cleaned and processed before the experiment.

  • 3. The incision of the test sample and the exposed part of the end face of the substrate should be covered with an insulating cloth.

  • 4. Large sample can be directly placed in the chamber or cut for testing according to the size of the test chamber.

  • 5. Small or special-shaped sample can be hung on the sample rack with glass hooks or painted cotton threads, never with metal hooks.

  • 6. Clean gloves must be worn each time when taking sample, and not touch sample directly.

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