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2022-09-21Source: HUDA

Spray System Of Salt Spray Test Machine

Salt Spray Test Machine conducts the salt spray corrosion test through the spray system, so as to test the salt spray corrosion resistance of the protective layers of electronic components, metals and parts.

Salt Spray Test Chamber

Today we will show you spray system of the Salt Spray Test Machine.


1 Components of The Spray System

The spray system is composed of compressed air supply, salt water tank, sprayer and other components. Customer should choose a device that can generate fine, moist and dense mist particles when choosing a sprayer.

Salt Spray Test Machine

2 Features of The Spray System

(1) The equipment adopts tower sprayer and guide salt spray. The mist particles are small and settle naturally. The nozzle has no salt crystals, and the settling amount is adjustable.

(2) The sprayed gas will undergo two-stage voltage regulation and pressure regulation, and at the same time, oil pollution will be filtered and the gas will be humidified and preheated.

(3) The atomized salt water storage will be built-in hidden type with large storage capacity, and the salt water will be equipped with a preheating function.

(4) The quartz brine filter element is equipped before the brine atomization, which can avoid the impurity clogging of the nozzle and the termination of the test.

(5) The air pressure is in the range of 0.2Mpa~0.4Mpa, and the spray pressure is in the range of 0.05Mpa~0.17Mpa.

(6) The spraying method of the equipment can be continuous or intermittent spraying and can be adjusted at will. In addition, all the pipes of the test chamber are made of thickened fluorosilicone rubber pipes.

Huda has more than 18 years experiences in Salt Spary Test Machine, and provide high quality test machine is always our aim.

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