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2023-08-03Source: HUDA

Troubleshooting of common problems in battery combustion test chamber

As technology develops to provide better batteries for our electronic devices, there is a need to ensure the safety of these batteries. Lithium cells and batteries are popular for their high energy density, but can be a safety hazard when abused or subjected to abnormal conditions. To minimize the possibility of failure, these batteries were tested for flame resistance using a battery fire test chamber. However, like most devices, battery burners suffer from technical issues that prevent their use. This blog will shed light on common problems and possible solutions faced when using a battery fire test chamber.

1. Chamber overheating

The battery combustion chamber generates intense heat when the internal battery explodes or catches fire. If the chamber overheats, it will be damaged, resulting in increased repair costs. A malfunctioning cooling mechanism is one of the main causes of overheating. To prevent overheating, make sure the cooling mechanism is working properly and the air filtration system is unobstructed. Clean the filter frequently to promote free air flow and avoid overheating.

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2.Inaccurate measurement

The battery combustion test chamber is equipped with a temperature sensor and software to measure the temperature and pressure inside the chamber. However, if the sensor fails, inaccurate measurements may occur. To resolve this issue, periodically check the sensor for accuracy. If the sensor is defective, replace it immediately. Also, if the chamber provides fluctuating measurements, recalibrate the sensor to ensure accurate readings.

3. Inaccessible data

Battery fire test chambers are often equipped with software to record data such as temperature, voltage and pressure measurements during the test. However, due to the file format, users may experience data inaccessibility. The solution to this problem is to use data logging software in an appropriate format that is compatible with the battery fire test chamber. Make sure the software is regularly updated to the latest version to avoid data corruption and get better results.

4. Equipment failure

Batteries are constantly being used and therefore wear out over time. Over time, technical failures such as broken wires, damaged sensors or motor problems can occur. When this happens, it must be replaced or repaired to ensure proper operation. A regular maintenance schedule is important and chambers should be routinely inspected, cleaned and calibrated on a regular basis.

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