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Formaldehyde Test Chamber
Formaldehyde Test Chamber
Formaldehyde Test Chamber
Formaldehyde Test Chamber
Formaldehyde Test Chamber
Formaldehyde Test Chamber
Formaldehyde Test Chamber
Formaldehyde Test Chamber

Formaldehyde Test Chamber


Formaldehyde Test Chamber is used to test formaldehyde emission of various wood-based panel, composite wood flooring, carpet, carpet padding, and other interior decoration materials, also other building materials under constant temperature humidity.


Inner volume


Test temperature range

(10—40)℃, accuracy:±0.5℃, Resolution 0.1℃, Adjustable

Test humidity adjustable range

(30—80)%, accuracy:±3%, Resolution 0.1%, Adjustable

Air exchange

(0.1—2)m/s, accuracy:±0.05 m/s, Adjustable

Air speed

(0.2—2)m³/h, accuracy: ±5%, Adjustable


1KPa relative pressure, leakage rate10-3×1m³/min, import and export air differ1%

Background levels



The wall and door of the climate box is effectively thermal insulation


less than 60dB

Continuous working hours

not less than 40 days

Monitoring parameter

Monitoring the temperature and humidity, air discharge, switching time, working time, data can be transferred and stored

Method of controlling humidity

The dew point control method is adopted to control the relative humidity, the humidity is stable, and the fluctuation range<3%.rh. no water appear on the inside

Out dimension (W×D×H)

1630 x 1200 x 1850mm




  • Formaldehyde Test Chamber


    ASTM D6007—14

    EN 717-1







    Put sample of 1 square meter area into the temperature chamber which controlled control in a certain value of temperature, relative humidity, air velocity.

    The formaldehyde released from samples, mixed with the air in the cabinet, regular extraction in the air, and the air will be drawn through the absorption bottle is filled with distilled water, all the formaldehyde in air dissolve in the water.

    Measure the amount of formaldehyde in the absorption solution and extraction of air volume, and show it by micrograms per cubic meter (mg/m after), calculate the amount of formaldehyde in per cubic meter of air.

    Sampling is cyclical, until the test the formaldehyde concentration in the oven to reach equilibrium.

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    1. Inner chamber is made of stainless steel, the surface is smooth and no condensation, adsorption formaldehyde, guarantee the accuracy. The thermostat box is made of hard foaming material. The door is sealed with silicone rubber, and it’s good thermal insulation performance and sealing performance. Box is equipped with forced air circulation device (it’s form the circulating air flow), to ensure the consistent temperature and humidity balance of the main structure in the cabinet: The inner tank is a mirror stainless steel test tank., the outer for insulation casing, compact, clean, efficient, energy saving, not only reduces the energy consumption and reduce the time of the balance of the equipment.

    2. Using a 7 inch touch screen as personnel operating equipment dialogue interface, intuitive and convenient. Directly to set up and display the temperature in the cabinet, relative humidity, temperature compensation, compensation, dew point deviation, dew point temperature deviation, adopts imported sensors, and can automatically record and control curve drawing. Special control configuration software, the realization of system control, program setting, dynamic data display and historical data playback, fault recording, alarm Settings, and other functions.

    3. It adopts industrial module and imported programmable controller, good operation stability and reliability, It can ensure the trouble-free operation for a long time and improve the service life of equipment, also reducing the operation cost of the equipment. And breakdown self check and prompt functions. It is convenient for users understanding the running situation of equipment, maintenance is simple and convenient.

    4. The control program and operation interface are in accordance with the relevant test standard optimization design and convenient operation.

    5. It changed the existing reciprocating humidify the fog, dew point method is used to humidify, make the casing humidity change smoothly, thus greatly improve the accuracy of moisture control.

    6. It adopted the imported film platinum resistor as temperature sensor, high precision, stable performance.

    7. With advanced heat exchanger and high thermal efficiency, reduce the temperature gradient.

    8. Imported components: compressor, temperature and humidity sensor, controller, relay device and so on.

    9. Protection device: climate, water tank has high and low temperature dew point alarm protection with high and low water level alarm protective measures.

    10.Integration of the whole machine structure is compact; Installation, debugging and use is very simple.

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