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Ozone Aging Test Chamber
Ozone Aging Test Chamber
Ozone Aging Test Chamber
Ozone Aging Test Chamber
Ozone Aging Test Chamber
Ozone Aging Test Chamber
Ozone Aging Test Chamber
Ozone Aging Test Chamber

Ozone Aging Test Chamber


Ozone Aging Test Chambers is design according to rubber being sensitive characteristic of to ozone, it simulate the environmental to accelerate the rubber aging process by ozone.



    1, Internal material adopts high quality mirror stainless steel for ozone resistance.

    2, Insulation material: high-density glass fiber

    3, Use long axial fan motor and high and low temperature resistant aluminum alloy wing type wind turbines to force vertical air circulation.

    4, Chamber door adopts double layer high and low temperature resistant silicone seal ensure the airtight test area.

    5, Chamber bottom has high quality caster for convenient move.

    6, Observation window uses multilayer hollow tempered glass.

    7, Exhaust system: exhaust the high concentration ozone from the test chamber to avoid to poison.

    8, Optional: Built-in 360 degree rotation sample holder, including 3 sets static tensile fixture and 3 sets dynamic tensile fixture.


    1, With imported micro-computer LCD controller to control the temperature.

    2, PID control

    3, With auto calculation function to reduce the setting inconvenience.

    4, Heater: fin type radiator pipe nickel-chromium alloy u-shaped heater, auto calculate with high accuracy PID + SSR control

    5, Temperature measurement: SUS#304, PT 100

    Ozone Aging Test Chamber




Internal dimension (WxDxH)


External dimension (WxDxH)


Temperature range

RT+10~ 60℃ (suggest to use 40℃±2)

Temperature Fluctuation


Ozone concentration

50~1000 pphm, adjustable

Ozone concentration deviation


Sample holder

SUS#304 stainless steel

Temperature controller

Programmable touch screen controller

Ozone concentration analysis

Concentration analysis meter

Ozone generator

High pressure silence discharge type

Protection system

Leakage, short circuit, over temperature, over heat

Test criteria

ASTM D1149, ISO 1431, JIS K6259...


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