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2022-09-23Source: HUDA

How To Reduce The Possibility Of Explosion Of Lithium Batteries?

The safety of lithium batteries has attracted more attention. However, lithium batteries are prone to failure when the temperature is too high or too low, and in severe cases, explosions and fires may occur.

battery explosion

Lithium batteries need to do high and low temperature tests after production. 

How can we reduce the risk of explosion,when using a battery explosion-proof test chamber to conduct temperature tests on lithium batteries?

battery explosion-proof test chamber

1. Increase the pressure of the protective gas to keep the pressure of the protective gas inside the equipment shell higher than the pressure of the surrounding explosive environment.

2. Filling with sand, filling the shell with sand or other powder materials with specified characteristics, so that under the specified conditions of use, the arc or high temperature generated in the shell cannot ignite the surrounding explosive gas environment.

3. Explosion-proof shell, put the parts that may generate sparks, arcs and dangerous temperatures in the flame-proof shell, and separate the internal space of the equipment from the surrounding environment through the flame-proof shell.

4. Sealant compound, the electrical components that may generate sparks, arcs or dangerous temperature parts that may cause the explosion of explosive mixtures are sealed in the sealant compound), so that it cannot ignite the explosive mixture.

5. The equipment is immersed in the protective liquid, and the entire battery explosion-proof test box or parts of the equipment are immersed in the oil (protective liquid), so that it cannot ignite the explosive gas environment above the fuel surface or outside the casing.

6. Test monitoring, set up a remote camera through the explosion-proof window for test monitoring, and detect the surface temperature of each battery. If the battery surface is abnormally heated, it is likely to explode, and the system will immediately activate the safety protection mechanism.

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